IPC A-610 Training for Trainers using IPC EDGE 2.0

Since the middle of August of 2018, there have been some changes to the way the program certification testing and to some extent, the training of IPC-A-610 trainer training and certification has been taking place. Some of these changes have occurred in the manner in which the certification testing is now taking place. Some of the changes have occurred in the way the instruction for IPC A-610 trainer classes are now taking place.

One of the changes to the manner in which certification administration for the IPC-A610 is now taking place is in the online training portal called the EDGE 2.0. Instead of testing using the previous platform, the testing platform has been recently upgraded for IPC-A610 CIT candidates with the EDGE 2.0 system. This testing platform is faster than the old one and allows you to see which questions remain unanswered. IPC-A-610 trainer candidates using this platform can also more easily navigate forwards and backward when taking the test. After signing in for the first time to establish your login to the IPC EDGE training portal the IPC-A-610 trainer candidate can begin working in the portal to obtain trainer level certification.

The first required material the IPC-A-610 instructor candidate must go through is the self-guided tour through the “IPC Essentials” material. This material consists of an overview of the electronics industry and includes a hierarchy of the various standards in the industry.  In addition to this material, the potential IPC-A-610 CIT candidate will learn about the various governmental advocacy, training, specification and other work undertaken by the IPC to support the electronics industry. The IPC-A-610 trainer will also learn about how important participation in the building up of these standards, including the Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies.

After going through the “Essentials” modules, the next mandatory training modules have to do with the IPC policies and procedures. All IPC-A-610 trainers will eventually have to pass through this training module. This module consists of instruction on the policies and procedures in the certification and training program. It is an online teaching followed by test taking in order to make sure each of the potential IPC-A-610 trainers knows the “rules of the road” when administering and instructing specialists back in their respective businesses. Each of the IPC-A-610 training candidates is expected to have this module, along with the policies and procedures, completed prior to coming to class for instruction. As a side note, these online training modules require the use of audio, so headphones for the trainers (and later for their students!) will be convenient.

The IPC A-610 trainers go through all of the material in the standard. One open book and one closed book exam are required at an 80 percent passage level in order for the student to achieve IPC-A-610 CIT status.  This certification testing is done through the relatively recently-upgraded IPC EDGE 2.0 testing platform. This testing platform, which was recently upgraded, features a faster interface, better navigation both forwards and backward through the test and a better overall testing experience for the IPC-A-610 trainer.



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